New Sangha Time to contemplate and Sangha Love Letter Photos for our beloved teacher, Thay

Greetings Beloved Community!

Our “try out” time for Sangha is 6:30 pm- 8 pm on Mondays, please arrive at 6:15 pm for tea and settling. We look forward to seeing you then!



We are so grateful for our beloved teacher Thay and our beloved sangha.

We’ve been working on our love letters and on our potential new meeting time.  We are trying it out now so know that we are now meeting at the Unitarian Universalist at 6:15 pm to settle and 6:30 pm is our new start time.  We are trying it out for a couple of weeks and will vote on it at our potluck once we get that scheduled, we will announce it here.



Please send your love letters to Sue or bring them to Sangha Monday night.

We will be sending them to Thay very soon.  Thank you all for such great collaboration for the photographs for out website and for the love letters.

Look at all of your beautiful smiles!

In gratitude for your presence.

Smiling to you,


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